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Who Invented Beats Headphones

Regular Price : $205.49

Special Price : $136.99

-Model: Monster Beats earphones
-Sweat resistant and UV protected, ideal for those who love getting athletic to music, indoors or outdoors
-Built-in subwoofer and midrange tweeter pump out massive bass, ultra smooth vocals and clear, crisp highs
-Advanced passive sound isolation delivers music with power yet keeps your surroundings audible
-ControlTalk on-cable mic for convenient hands-free calling with iPhones and smartphones
-ControlTalk track seeking capabilities without touching your iPod or music phone

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  • I compared to my officemate who possesses some of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. Right off the stake, we both seen how much more open the ATH-M50 seemed. That is before the burn-in.

  • Disadvantages: A slight oblong design around the ear-cups make an uneasy encounter over a long time. Or it might be my ears are excessively large.

  • Simplicity - 5 Stars. How simple can it get? Set 'em in your face and plug 'em in. They're even clearly marked for L and R.

  • "I Adore this website. The goods is excellent and also the delivery and communicating to the shipping and estimated period of appearance is an excellent function. Continue great work...Thanks "

  • "Transporting takes too much time for orders."

  • Love this website for exceptional bargains on top quality!

  • Very pleased with these cans. My expectations are beaten by the sound quality for that cost and they really remain in my ears.

  • Excellent and incredibly quick support.

  • Good experience

  • Constantly amazed with the standard

  • "Great goods and comparatively great discount rates. No matter how the support delivery of goods in a timely manner might be bettered. Although BTR trains us of the delay that's excellent - the delay or aim of purchasing particular purchases becomes ineffective when time or purpose it's bought for moves by!"

  • Sounds great, fits easily inside the ears. Loved them

  • Generally Speaking, I'd recommend these headphones to anybody seeking quality headphones using a budget. One thing is: avoid relaxation; these earphones might give a headache to you should you put them on a long time, should you got a big head. Apart from that, you are actually getting what you buy and much more. After listening through these men, you'll never hear songs exactly the same again. You'll be hearing new things in your favourite tunes you thought you understood front and back.

  • It's such a delicacy whenever I receive my order. I'm certain I have more than enough jewelry than I desire but it's too difficult to resist. I strive to remain in the low budget whenever I need to handle myself.but all my parts are really so amazing and interesting to use... I could just say this about a unusual # of items I've ever purchased through other means.but these lower cost range items appear and endure so nicely it might be difficult for many to think I paid so little. Placing an order is quick and simple!!

  • Great product. Stunningly fast shipping.

  • Suggest providing free standard delivery to compete with B&H.

  • Usually a fantastic shopping experience. The costs and free delivery can make me return.

  • "it didn't appear just like it did within the image!"

  • I got a really loud stationary bike and hoover. These cans block nearly all the noiseand I could listen to music or perhaps a podcast.

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Who Invented Beats Headphones

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Who Invented Beats Headphones

Adapters & Cables:Executive Airplane Adapter
Price:$10 - $19.99
Guarantee:30-Day Money-Back
Sex:Young Women
Made in:Chicago
Replacement Part:Green Battery Cover
Condition:Brand New

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